Everything's Gonna Be Alright!

Hey Guys! I have been spending some time working on me recently. I am going through a very rough time in my life and spending a lot of time soul searching and creating. 

I try not to get too terribly personal, but I feel like today of all days with the eclipse as my symbol I need to move back into the light. So here goes nothing!

I am working through a separation from my husband. Unfortunately, all paths are pointing to divorce. 

At first, I was absolutely devastated! My heart was destroyed! After all, we have been together for 13 years! 

I kept thinking what could I have done to change the outcome of this? What could I have done to stop this from happening? What did I do wrong?

After weeks of asking myself these same questions over and over, it finally clicked. I couldn't fix this on my own! I couldn't have done much more than I already was doing. I needed a partner to walk along side me and want to fix it, too. 

It was like a ton of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. I realized that I can't fix everything! That I can't control everything! And I also realized that's ok! 

I'm still having bad days but more and more the days are getting better. I'm not in anyway saying that I'm getting over my 13 year long relationship in the span of a few short months. 

What I am saying is I don't feel as dragged down by the stress and anxiety of trying to fix something that involves another person! I have no control over what another person does and can't force them to want the same things I do. 

So I am working on me for a little bit. I need a few more weeks to get my head back together and to be more at peace with my decision and my current life. 

Starting September 5, the shop will be in vacation mode for the remainder of the month! So make sure you check out the sale I'll have running the end of this month!  

Come October 1, I will be back with new products, more blog posts and maybe even some youtube videos. I will also have a brand new look to the website. I'm excited! I hope you are too!  

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