Changes & #the100dayproject

Hey guys! I know that the posts around here have been a little hit or miss. I am in the process of moving and getting settled in to my new place. I have finished the custom granny square blanket that I have been working on and have 2 more projects to get finish before I'm fully caught up!

I'm getting there though. 

I'm also joining the #the100day project! I'm really excited! The project is a free world wide event that starts tomorrow and runs until July 12! 

It's for artists, writers and makers like myself! If you would like to join go to 

I'm doing the #100daysofcrochet! Make sure you follow me on Instagram (@crochet4lifecrafts) to get daily updates on the projects I'm working on! I'll be posting pictures and videos! 

I hope you all enjoy #the100dayproject as much as I do! Have a great day! And check out my instagram tomorrow for my first update!

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